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Jaw Line Exerciser Ball

Jaw Line Exerciser Ball

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Jaw Line Exerciser Ball Jaw Line Trainer Face Facial Muscle Exercise Ball JawLine Chew Ball Workout Fitness Equipment


  1. High quality: 100% brand new high quality, made of high-quality soft silicone, safe and healthy, to ensure your oral hygiene
  2. Wide range of applications: a size suitable for most people, widely used for tongue muscles, lip muscles, teether, and facial muscle training
  3. Clean and safe: it can be disassembled and cleaned, convenient and hygienic
  4. Effectively exercise the strength and flexibility of the tongue muscles
  5. Exercise the range and flexibility of jaw movement, and increase the strength of biting and chewing.

Material: Silicone (food grade)
Size: 3 * 1.5cm/1.18*0.6in

How to use it?

A simple 5 minutes of work out 2-3days a week can make a big difference in slimming down your face.

Overdoing it can cause discomfort so don't push too hard, 3-5 minutes is all you need for this exercise!

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