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Universal Mobile Phone APP Car Control Remote Start Kit

Universal Mobile Phone APP Car Control Remote Start Kit

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Product information :

Ambient temperature: - 40c -+80c; Atmospheric pressure 86-106KPa
Relative humidity: 10% - 95%
Working voltage: DC12V+/- 3V
Static current: < 15mA
Output current: ACC/ON/START=30A; Turn signal=5A
High frequency: 433.92MHZ
Remote key:
Working voltage: 6V
Static current: < 5uA
Battery model: CR-2016 * 2
High frequency: 433.92MHZ


1. use the mobile APP to control the car lock/unlock.
2. Control the start/stop of the engine by using the mobile application.
3. One-button start/stop
4. Remote start/stop
5. Intelligent handbrake detection
6. Intelligent oil pump start-up detection
7. Remote opening of the rear trunk (the original car needs to bring its own trunk motor)
8. Remote control car search (horn sounds, direction light flashes)
9. Remote unlocking/locking
10. Anti-theft alarm function (illegal door opening and foot brake triggering alarm prompt)
1. Motor lock function (it can't be started in the car after the door is locked)
12. After starting, step on the foot brake to lock the door automatically, and turn off the fire to unlock it automatically.
13. Alarm notification of the original car horn (the original car is required to have a control line, and an alarm horn can be added)
14. Memory of power failure
15. Emergency reset function
16. The remote control is turned on for 10 minutes and turned off regularly.

Packing list:
2* remote control key
1* ignition system controller
2* Install wiring harness.
1* start stop button
1 * instruction





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